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No drilling needed

Today’s pick-up trucks, do not offer any protection to the rear edge of the passanger cab if transporting long items, which would result in damaging the actual roof edge.

The solution is to install a BridgeSport™!
The 1st Sport Utility Spoiler on the market. Designed to protect the rear upper edge of the cab and brake light when carrying long objects when needed.

Fit your lifestyle

The BridgeSport™ is designed to fit your life style from work during the week to play on the week-end. The spoiler has unique central feature to accommodate ladders and reinforced sides for all other purposes.

No tool installation

The BridgeSport™ easy installation does not require any hardware or drilling. It is simply put in place by the unique strength of large 3M Automotive strips providing a strong and permanent fit.

Functional Design

Because of its roof top location, the very functional spoiler, BridgeSport™ stays clear of all Tonneau covers while being fully functional to assist you with your transportation needs.

The "No Tool" easy installation of the BridgeSport™ make its installation possible in less than 10 minutes. Just follow the directions provided in the video.

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Produit BridgeSport
Order Now Recycle Our products are made with some recycled materials.
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Product in application
Product in application
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Please feel free to share with us how the BridgeSport™ Sport Utility Spoiler has helped you with your transportation needs

Kevin D., Plattsburgh

Since I often have to tow my trailer around, I could never carry long objects in my pickup box. Now that I have this spoiler, my problem is solved! Check out how cool it looks on my truck!

- Kevin D., Plattsburgh
Nick B., Houston

I don't know how we did without it for so many years!

- Nick B., Houston
S. Cooper, Boston

It looks sharp on my truck and it's great that I can also lean stuff on it if ever I need to. Cool product.

- S. Cooper, Boston
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The easy to install, cost efficient BridgeSport™ utility spoiler combines style and purpose for the transportation of a variety of long items such as:

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