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Spoiler for Chevy, GMC and Dodge RAM trucks



  • 2000 TO 2018 GMC SIERRA
  • 2000 TO 2018 CHEVY SILVERADO
  • 2009 and + DODGE RAM CLASSIC

Today’s headache racks are often only used as a ladder rack. Roof top protection for a ladder, lumber, kayaks or other long, light duty items can easily be transported with a BridgeSport™ utility cab spoiler accessory.

The sleek aerodynamic look of the BridgeSport™ cab protector is a great functional truck accessory to have without the bulk of a commercial metal headache rack for your occasional cargo transportation needs. The BridgeSport™ utility spoiler will become your best wingman, “always there when needed”!

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The easy to install, cost efficient BridgeSport™ utility spoiler combines style and purpose for the transportation of a variety of long items such as:

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